The Truth About Grace

The Truth About Grace endeavors to study grace from a historical and theological perspective, looking into all aspects of the current movements and trends. The Truth About Grace offers diverse Pentecostal perspectives from around the globe on one of the most popular and most controversial topics in the modern church. It will provide insight from respected theologians and academic leaders on the topic of grace and help you grow in your understanding of the subject and your ability to discern unbiblical excesses in the message.

Has the grace message become lawless? More than a dozen scholars of Pentecostalism from around the world have examined that question and present their diverse perspectives in The Truth About Grace. Taking a close look at the controversial hyper-grace message, the book includes a wide range of voices, from Singapore pastor Joseph Prince, whom many consider a leading voice in the hyper-grace movement, to Dr. Michael Brown, a leading critic of the hyper-grace message. 


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