Global Renewal Christianity: Volume 2 - Latin America (Hardcover)

Global Renewal Christianity Spirit-Empowered Movements: Past, Present, and Future

Volume Two: Latin America

By: Vinson Synan, Amos Yong, and Miguel Álvarez

This volume gives an overview of one hundred years of Pentecostal history in Latin America and addresses the move of the Holy Spirit in nations such as Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico, as well as the Caribbean.

The work also discusses the spread of Pentecostalism in Cuba, including its rapid growth in recent years and the challenges facing Cuban Pentecostals. The contributors are recognized internationally as church leaders or scholars of Pentecostalism. The growth of Spirit-empowered Christianity has been nothing short of phenomenal. From a handful of believers in the early twentieth century to over six-hundred million people in almost every culture and denomination today, those who embrace the Holy Spirit and His gifts are now the fastest-growing religious group in the world. But if any generation ceases to emphasize the Holy Spirit’s power, the movement likely will lose its distinction. This second of four volumes in an authoritative collection from nearly two dozen leaders and scholars of the Spirit-empowered movement in Latin America. Focusing on the history and future of the movement, these world-renowned scholars address the theological and cultural challenges facing Pentecostals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and share emerging insights on how to meet them.


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