As the Waters Cover the Sea (Digital)

The Spirit-empowered movement is one rich in both history and hope. Turning back the pages of our past, we find generations of believers deeply impacted by this great expansion of God’s Kingdom, starting with our humble beginnings at Azusa Street. Now, turning the page to a new chapter, we find a generation on the cusp of what could be the greatest move of the Holy Spirit ever on earth.

In As the Waters Cover the Sea: The Story of Empowered21 and the Movement It Serves, movement generals and scholars Dr. Billy Wilson and the late Dr. Vinson Synan educate and inspire us about the Holy Spirit’s empowering of generations—past, present and future. In addition, they give us an in-depth look into the founding of Empowered21—a network of Spirit-empowered believers connecting generations for blessing, impartation and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the twenty-first century.

This book is as hope-filled as it is grounded, as theologically sound as it is inspirational. Read on to be encouraged about the explosion of global Christianity throughout the world. Take hold of fresh vision, as you dream about the glory of God covering the whole earth, as the waters cover the sea!