Reuven Doron, a native ex-military Israeli disciple of Jesus the Messiah, has been serving the Lord as a pastor, Bible teacher and a marketplace professional for four decades.
Following a powerful conversion experience in 1978 in the USA, Reuven was filled with the Holy Spirit and called to serve the Lord at the forefront of the emerging Messianic Body in the land of Israel, helping rebuild the foundations of a national Messianic movement which lay dormant for 2,000 years.

Together with his wife, Mary Lou, Reuven continued to minister and teach internationally while pastoring in Israel and the USA, emphasizing the biblical message of the “ONE NEW MAN” (Eph. 2:14-15), calling Jew and Gentile into One Body through One Spirit in the Messiah.  Reuven is serving with the leadership team of SAR-EL Group, helping Christians worldwide develop a biblical vision of Israel, gain Hebraic perspectives of God’s Kingdom, and lead journeys of faith, prayer and worship to the Holy land.