Bryce Manderfield is an author and dynamic communicator who from a real early age, has sought to bring transformation to Colombia, Venezeula, and Latin America at large. Having grown up on the mission field, Bryce has been in full time ministry since the age of 18. He is author of more than 10 books , has traveled to 80 countries around the world, and has ministered to over 450,000 NxtGen Leaders Globally. Bryce is founder and President of Youth Solutions Inc: A Global Next Gen movement dedicated to bringing change and transformation through the 7 spheres of society. Bryce Is also currently president of YPAL, (Youth Pastors Associations of Latin America), a network that which oversees & equips 26,000 churches from over all and Central and South America.  Bryce and his wife Marcela Gandara Live in El Paso, Texas , and are proud parents of their beautiful daughter , little Amy Joy.