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Among Christians, Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon 120 followers of Jesus including the apostles as described in Acts Chapter 2. Pentecost was “the Birth of the Church” and the beginning of the great Christian harvest with 3,000 people receiving Christ as their Savior on that day. This day of all days should be celebrated in the Spirit-empowered church!

In 2012, The Pentecost Sunday Initiative began through the Empowered21 network to call local church leaders around the world to preach and teach on the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday and the days leading up to it. Within one year, Pentecost 2013 reached a global participation increase of 1000 percent with registrations from more than 100 nations. For Pentecost 2014, pastors and ministry leaders form more than 130 nations registered for resources and committed to preach and teach on the Holy Spirit.

We believe that by celebrating and focusing together on this one day around the world that we could witness the Spirit-baptism of thousands and perhaps millions of people. And, more importantly witness a fresh thrust of power for witness to accelerate world evangelization in the twenty-first century.

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