List of 40 Outcomes of Spirit-Empowered Faith

Discipleship Diagnosis:

Effectiveness and Relevance

In our curriculum and conferences, books and articles, we have embraced an ill-defined discipleship process. Though sincerely motivated, most miss the target and produce inferior results.

They start at the wrong point which guarantees a wrong result. In theological terms, they are rooted in anthropology (the nature of man) instead of pneumatology (the nature of the Spirit). These models call on the disciple to know and do: rational knowledge (learning, memorization, coursework) and behavioral activity (how to act, what to do)…

What’s missing is the imperative of life in the Spirit, experiencing the presence and the power of the living God.

Do we have the courage to STOP, BACK UP, and START AGAIN…with ministering to the Lord and loving our God?

Must we de-construct discipleship as it exists today, exchanging rational/behavioral models for relational/experiential models?… 


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