Discipleship Materials – Description

Global Task Force 2015

Set forth by the Global Council to assist in forming an outcome based model for Spirit-empowered discipleship and address issues such as…

  • What should a Spirit-empowered disciple look like in the 21st century?
  • What are the appropriate stages of spiritual development for children, youth and new believers?
  • What steps can churches take to enhance their development of disciples?


  1. Explore – Truths of the Faith
  2. Embrace – Truths of the Faith in a personal way
  3. Experience – Truths of the Faith in everyday life
  4. Express – Truths of the Faith to others through identity as a Christ-follower

Numerous reports indicate a “break down” between stages 2 and 3 where what was Explored and Embraced has not become part of every day life and thus not part of the believer’s identity. This requires the Holy Spirit leading us into fresh, frequent Encounters with Jesus, intentional times of Experiencing Scripture, and purposeful Engagement in Fellowship.

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation