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Empowered21 Partners with Convoy of Hope

Tulsa, OK – Empowered21 (E21) is excited to announce a three-year compassion partnership with Convoy of Hope (COH), a faith-based nonprofit with a driving passion to meet needs around the world. E21 is a global movement with 14 regional cabinets covering every inhabited continent. During times of natural disasters or other crises, E21 will work with COH to provide much needed supplies to meet the needs of those impacted by hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and hunger.

“E21 wants every person on Earth to have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit; one way we can accomplish this is to meet the physical needs of those suffering in poverty or impacted by a natural disaster,” said Dr. Billy Wilson, E21 Global Co-Chair. “We serve a God of compassion who wants to supply all of our needs.”

As a humanitarian-relief organization, COH is strategically based in Springfield, Missouri – the crossroads of America – with the goal of bringing help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting. The Donaldson Family founded COH in 1994 when they considered how the kindness of others impacted them when their father was killed by a drunk driver in 1969.

“We’ve already had the privilege of helping over 100 million people with food, housing, and other necessities,” said Hal Donaldson, President of Convoy of Hope. “Our partnership with E21 will allow us to do even more for people all over the world to help alleviate disparity, hunger, poverty, and suffering.”

COH will also be a key sponsor of Jerusalem2020, when thousands of believers from around the globe will gather for the E21 Global Congress at Pais Arena in Jerusalem, May 31 – June 3, 2020. Believers will celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit and begin to anticipate in 2033 the 2,000th anniversary of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit recorded in the book of Acts.



Empowered21 aims to help shape the future of the global Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world by focusing on crucial issues facing the movement and connecting generations for intergenerational blessing and impartation. Their vision is that every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by Pentecost 2033. Get more information at Empowered21 is a Kingdom initiative served by Oral Roberts University,

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world. With a long history as an early responder in times of natural disasters, Convoy of Hope has been a Four Star Charity as recognized by Charity Navigator for 14 consecutive years. Convoy of Hope has served more than 100 million people since it was founded in 1994. For more information please visit

Published August 7, 2018.
E21 Staff