Empowered21 Work Groups

NGN21 * Global Scholars Consultation * Discipleship * Global Evangelist Alliance


This NextGen Network exists to ignite the next generation of leaders in the global Spirit-empowered community. Their key emphasis are to build leaders, unite voices, resource others, connect movements and to preach Jesus.

Scholars Consultation

An important part of the Empowered21 vision is to gather scholars from around the world to study the past, present and future of the Spirit-empowered movement. It has also become imperative that scholars address critical subjects facing the movement. To accomplish these goals consultations have convened at Oxford, Sydney, Quito, Jerusalem, London, Singapore, Johannesburg and Bogota. Volumes of the papers read in these gatherings have been published in a series of books; Global Renewal Christianity and Grace.

Discipleship Task Force

The Discipleship Commission’s goals were set by the E21 Global Council. These goals were to form an outcome-based model for Spirit-empowered discipleship and to create resources to equip believers from around the world. The Commission addresses issues such as…. What should a Spirit-empowered disciple look like in the 21st century? What are the appropriate stages of spiritual development for children, youth and new believers? What steps can churches take to enhance their development of disciples?

Global Evangelist Alliance

The existing need is to identify and equip young Spirit-empowered evangelists from every continent and every people group. The Global Evangelist Alliance is tasked with finding new and unique ways to connect and build relationships between these evangelists while providing mentorship partners and Spirit-empowered resources for equipping these young hearts for the task of evangelizing the lost.

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation