Empowered21 Asia Opens in Singapore

Empowered21 Asia Opens in Singapore

May 31, 2017–Singapore—The largest convention venue in the country of Singapore was the site of Wednesday night’s opening ceremonies for Empowered21 Asia Regional Congress. Over 7,200 delegates joined hearts at the EXPO Convention Center to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a celebration of Pentecost .


Members from 258 churches and 49 countries were represented during the opening session. Powerful praise and worship preceded a formal introduction of members of the E21 Global Council that had convened the previous two days.


In his opening comments to the Congress, E21 Global Co-chair and ORU President Dr. William M. Wilson challenged the delegates to remember the E21 mission to see every person on earth have an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit by the year 2033. Wilson also inspired the delegates to release “the wind of the Spirit, the fire of the Holy Ghost, and the next generation.”


“This region of the world is filled with spiritual opportunity,” stated Niko Njotorahardjo, who serves as co-chair of the Asia Congress. “We are gathered together in unity to encounter the Holy Spirit and prepare to take Asia for Christ!”


E21 is intentional about connecting the generations of the church and the opening session demonstrated this mission as Lawrence Khong, senior pastor of the Spirit-empowered Faith Community Baptist Church of Singapore, shared the pulpit with his son, Daniel to bring the opening message. Their tag-team ministry resulted in a powerful altar call response.


E21 Asia Wind and Fire continues through Friday, June 2. Participants will hear from more world‐renowned, Spirit‐empowered father‐son and father‐daughter teams including Dennis Balcombe and Sharon Balcombe‐Lau, founder and pastor of Hong Kong’s Revival Chinese Church; Lee Seung Bang and Esther Lee, senior pastor and youth pastor of South Korea’s All Nations Church; César and Sara Castellanos, founding pastor and youth pastor of Colombia’s International Charismatic Mission; Niko and Billy Njotorahardjo, senior pastor and pastor of Indonesia’s GBI Gatot Subroto; Rick and Jeremy Seaward, apostolic overseer and lead pastor of Singapore’s Victory Family Centre; Colton and Dishan Wickramaratne, founding pastor and senior pastor of Sri Lanka’s People’s Church. Other speakers include Wilson, Daniel Kolenda, president of Christ for All Nations, and Wayne Hilsden, co‐Founder and president of Israel’s King of Kings Community.


(PHOTO: Lawrence Khong ministers during the opening session of the Empowered21Global Congress in Singapore)


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