A Time of Thankfulness


As we approach the Christmas season, all of us at Empowered21 are filled with thankfulness and gratitude for the incredible year that God has given us. 2017 was truly an empowering time of seeing the wind and fire of the Holy Spirit sweep across the world in never-before-imagined ways, and we are sure God will continue to pour out His blessings in new forms as we turn our eyes to 2018.

One of the many ways we’ve seen exponential impact is through the availability of scripture worldwide. One of Empowered21’s major identified needs for the expansion of the Spirit-empowered movement is access to scripture and scriptural resources, and while we know we still have a ways to go until scripture is readily available to everyone, we saw some incredible progress this year—especially in seeing the next generation of Spirit-empowered Christians embrace their call to keep this movement growing.

Our prayer is that this Christmas season finds you well, healthy, and filled with the hope of Jesus—the hope that shows us how a little baby, brought into the world in the lowest of circumstances, can utterly change everything.

Serving a Movement, Empowering a Generation